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Mission Statement


Mission Statement – China IP Exchange


• Opportunity for transfer of proven high technology product designs & manufacturing processes to the China markets from the west remains an unprecedented means for generating value from Western R&D Investment.

• Licensing creates an efficient opportunity for western firms to engage with Chinese partner without the time, risk and management attention required for traditional joint ventures

• Value based licensing programs with talented Chinese partners extends the reach of western firms into China, with little risk in their home markets, but serves as a means of value based recovery of investments in engineering and manufacturing process development in new markets.

• Such licensing based relationships can establish the basis for IP related manufacturing asset sales, component supply and service parts production for the western owners of the IP.


What makes China IP Exchange Different?


• Experienced licensing and M&A support for automotive products  in China with over 13 years experience in business line sales and successful licensing programs.

• Rich experience gained by 40 years work of our founder in the automotive business, in China, the US and other major markets – Licensing, Asset Sales, M&A, Tier I Automotive sales and program management.

• Successful relationships with a number of China based IP transaction partners supporting the needs of emerging technology firms in China and other world markets, working in country, in language with respect for local business needs.


How it works


China Initiatives– Chinese firms develop a “needs list” and engage China IPX

•  We work to locate western technology partners

•  Manage introductions and license and technology assistance structures

•  Negotiate license and technical support arrangements, IP based asset sales or other business needs

Western Initiatives – Western firm identifies, proven products and process, available for license to a defined group of customers in China

•  We work to locate western technology partners

• Manage introductions and license and technology assistance structures

•  Negotiate license and technical support arrangements, IP based asset sales or other business needs

About China IPX


Why our licensing and relationship model works


•  We engage with clients with proven experience, established technologies, and a history of business success

•  We have 40 years experience operating in world automotive markets in program management, M&A and IP licensing, with a special emphasis on automotive product engagements in China.

•  We strongly believe that IP deals can be constructed to be fair to both western and Chinese firms and as such can form the basis of long term cooperation in China and for the needs of other world markets.Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.


Our Managing Director – John P. Carney

John’s career in the automotive business spans 40 years, with background in finance, sales, marketing, M&A and program management. He successfully completed four divestitures as a deal director during Delphi Automotive’s 2005 -2009 restructuring effort. 

John joined the Delphi (now Aptiv) licensing activity in 2009, where he recently retired as the director of the worldwide licensing and IP monetization efforts. Since 2013, Under John’s direction, the Licensing and IP monetization team at Delphi/Aptiv has completed over 60 licensing and IP related sale transactions.

John holds a BA in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University and is a Certified Licensing Professional. He is currently the Chair of the Automotive & Aerospace committee for the High Tech Sector for the Licensing Executive Society in the US and Canada.

 John has participated in a variety of industry based panels of technology convergence in the Automotive market.

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